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Having a baby at home who easily wakes up even with a very little noise made me wish to eradicate all the things that squeak when used. Unfortunately, I might ruin the entire house if I want to get rid of all the squeaky objects. All the doors are squeaking when opened and closed. And when I say doors, it includes the cabinet doors which are very scandalous when opened and closed. Add to the doors is the chair I used when working. So just to keep it silent, I refrain from using it and settled for monoblock chair for the mean time. I also noticed that even the laptop table I used in our room also squeaks. And I almost forgot to mention the bark of our dogs. Their barks usually interrupt my daughter’s sleep. Sigh!

More than the squeaky doors, chairs and table, the most frequent and unpredictable source of unwanted sound is my eldest daughter. Of course, I never think of getting rid of her even if she’s the noisiest at home.  So to limit her noise, I engage her to non-noisy activity like coloring and drawing. If she gets tired of those activities, I allow her to stay outside and play with the dogs. If hubby is going somewhere, I usually asked him to bring my daughter with him so daughter could also unwind and see other people aside from us. My last resort to keep her silent is to turn on the computer and let her play the Starfall or watch her never ending Spongebob Squarepants video. This last activity is only applicable is she has done no offense.

Good sleep is so important for the baby particularly for the brain development and healthy body and I want to give it to my kids.  I don’t have a problem giving it to my eldest daughter because she was the only child at home during her infancy.  But to my second child, it is a bit of a challenge because I have to deal with so many sources of noise including her sister.

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