An Early Dream Career

  • Sumo

My daughter is hinting that she wants to be a nurse someday. Probably she is enticed with the white uniforms of the nurses. Whenever she sees a gal or a guy in such apparel, she would ask me if the person is a nurse. But you know that kids can easily be brainwashed persuaded. I enumerated the tasks of a nurse including cleaning other people’s ass. And presto, she no longer wants to be a nurse. 😀

I have nothing against nurses. I actually admire their passion for work. But for me their job is too little meat for too much effort. Their work is too stressful and tiring yet the income is too small particularly here in the Philippines. Though I find the nurses cute in colorful scrub suits just like the medical scrubs from Marcus uniforms, I don’t want to imagine their physical labor during their shift.

As a mother, I prefer a work for my daughter that is at least not too physically draining for her yet she enjoys doing. If she is already in the right age and she still wants to pursue a degree in Nursing, then it is up to her. I can only help her see all the sides of her choice but the final decision will still be hers.

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