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EON Pin Problem Experience

  • Sumo

I am happy because I finally remembered my pin for my EON card.

Probably, my mind is occupied with many things that is why I am so forgetful nowadays (Or is it just another sign of aging?). For those who haven’t experienced it yet, your EON internet banking account will be locked out after entering two invalid pins. It happened to me last Wednesday. I was about to check if my PayPal withdrawal has been credited to my EON account when my first attempt failed. I tried another pin and kaboom! My account has been locked out!  Added to that, I didn’t noticed there was a warning on the screen that I only have one more invalid attempt. How foolish right? EON is less gracious with invalid pin attempts compared to my other online accounts in which the allowable attempts are three. So EON online users, be careful.

Like any other sane being (yes, I still think I’m still sane, LOL), I checked the website of Union Bank if it has a directory of the branches. I want to know the phone number of the branch where I got my EON card. The website has the branch directory with the numbers. I dialed the number and I told the person who answered my call about  my problem. He gave me a number to dial for my concern. I dialed the number given to me and I was again given a number to dial. The same thing happen on my next call. It was a random test of my patience and good thing, I passed it. I finally got the right number on my fourth call. She told me that I will be emailed on the instruction how to reset my pin/password. She also informed me that I only have one more attempt for that day on an ATM. If ever my card get locked out, I have to wait for 24-hours before I can use it again. But do you know that the hotline number for EON cardholders are just right on the back of the card? Maybe, I was in panic that I didn’t bother to check 🙁

I received their email last Friday. Below is their quoted email.

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

Good Day!

Please be informed that your online banking access has been modified. You may now access your account.

Or You may access your account now using your user ID and ATM pin as login password.

We hope to hear from you again so we can respond to your concern immediately.

For your convenience, our Customer Service Correspondence Unit operates on Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30am to 5:30pm . Emails sent after office hours, weekends as well as Public Holidays will be responded on the next working day. You may also contact us through our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 841-8600


UnionBank Customer Service

I replied immediately but didn’t hear from them anymore. But ever since I received their email, I tried to squeeze my mind to remember the generated pin given to me when I claimed my card. Another foolishness! I should have changed it immediately.  There were only four numbers playing in my mind. I tried one combination last Saturday and it was accepted. I was so happy! But because I was so excited that I already remembered my pin, I forgot to change it again! And also this morning when I saw a Union Bank atm. Sigh! So you see how cluttered my mind is. This is the effect of thinking so many things at the same time 😉 Good thing, I do not forget my husband and daughter, LOL!

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13 thoughts on “EON Pin Problem Experience

  1. Ano po mangyayari pag halimbawa 3x ako namali ng pindot sa atm. at reach ko na ang limit makakapag widraw pa po ba ako or na block na po atm ko

    1. I’m not sure! Pero for security purposes, I think dapat i block baka kasi napulot lang ung ATM ang sinusubukan ihack ung account d b?

  2. 3 times ako nagkamali ng pag enter ng pin ko sa eon cyber account at it says i reach the maximum limit of log in. paano ko ba ma access ulit ang pag log in ko shall i wait 24 hours again para ako muling makapag online banking log in ulit> please help me…

  3. okey lang ba na pagkatapos mo ma received ang eon card wag muna palitan ng new pin?Kasi sa lugar namin walang branch ng union so i was’nt able to change my pin,also is it possible to change pin using other atm machine?help namn.tnx

  4. Hello Mylene, gusto ko po sana malaman thoughts and advices mo about sa situation ko ngayon. Yung eon card ko po, nakuha wednesday last week and enrolled online on that same day. Mali po ung pin na input ko for 2x times and now i cannot log in my eon online account. How can I log it in po ulit? or pano ba to mareresolve? Thanks.

  5. Hello Guys,
    Thanks for sharing your experience to us:)
    Mylene is right, to apply for an Eon Account, just go to your nearest branch, present a valid photo-bearing ID (i.e. government-issued IDs like Driver’s License, Passport, New Laminated SSS or TIN Card, Company ID), fill out the necessary documents, and pay for the PhP350 annual fee.

    Only 1 valid ID is required upon account opening. However the Branch may ask for additional IDs just for verification purposes.

    For students/freelancers, it is important that you provide a TIN Number and SSS Number. This is needed as it indicates the source of funds, which AMLA requires of the Bank.

    By the way guys, we’ve got some good news for you. Starting July 23 to August 22 2010, enjoy a 5% rebate on all ebay purchases using your UnionBank VISA Debit Card! Want more? Click this link. http://unionbankph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1840&Itemid=269

    If you still have other concerns regarding your EON card or any other UnionBank products, you may visit our website at http://www.unionbankph.com or you may want to follow us on our twitter @unionbankph or be our fan at facebook.com/unionbankph. We would be very happy to see you there. 🙂

    UnionBank of the Philippines

  6. Buti ka pa may EON Card. Paano ba maka-acquire nyan? Plan ko kasi kumuha pag uwi ko dyan sa Pinas. Meron akong Union Bank na ATM, does that mean I am qualified?

    I remembered a friend who always forget his ATM pin numbers so he puts a sticker on his ATM card reminding him his pin. Unfortunately, he lost his ATM card. Sinabi ko na lang sa kanya na let it be a lesson to him. Sabi ko sa kanya pwede naman niya gamiting pin number niya yung date ng kasal nila ng misis niya eh. Matanda na kasi at di masyadong partikular sa mga technology, sanay daw kasi siya sa bankbook hehe!. Buti na lang napulot niya ulit yung ATM niya, nung check nya yung laman, nandoon pa rin pera niya. Siguro akala wala ng kwenta kaya itinapon hehe!

    1. Yay! Delikado ung ginawa nya ha. Buti na lang hindi ako ang nakapulot ng atm nya hahaha… I don’t usually write the pin number in paper, risky kasi lalo na kung ung papel kasama ng atm.

      Madali lang po kumuha. Punta ka lang po sa any Union Bank branch. Look for the in-charge person for cyber account. That person will hand to you a form. Fill-out the form then present two valid Id’s and pay the 350 annual fee. The card will be ready after a week 🙂 Just make sure that the name you use in your paypal match the account you will use for the EON account. Nagkaron ng problem ung officemate ko dun since ung paypal at EON account nde pareho. Hindi nya mawithdraw paypal fund until mabago ung name sa paypal nya. 🙂

      Thanks for the visit Noel. God Bless.

  7. Nangyari din yan sa akin…ganyan na talaga ang mangyayari sa atin…. lol! Anyway, they are helpful naman.

  8. Good thing you were able to retrieve your PIN 😀 This happened to me too. But I wasn’t able to remember my PIN na talaga (LOL!)Customer Service suggested that I have my card updated for a new PIN and it took another week.

    1. Un nga ang suggestion mommy, pareplace daw ung card para maupdate din ung pin. Buti na lang naalala ko pa hehehe

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