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Vacation Mode

  • Sumo

Tomorrow is a non-working holiday and also on Friday (for Pasig employees) and so I am already on vacation mode :D. I am planning to take a leave on Thursday but I have no good  reason why I have to make my long-weekend ultra long :D. If I am as rich as Ms. Kris Aquino – Yap or Ms. Sharon Cuneta – Pangilinan who can afford to buy their own RV (recreational vehicle), I would not have a second thought to take the squeezed-day a day-off. I’ll use my very long weekend to travel by land and visit some places on the North with my husband and precious daughter. My daughter will surely love it and enjoy the ride because she’ll be comfortable inside the RV. I can also sleep while hubby is driving to our next destination. What a dream?!! We can’t even afford a second-hand car, LOL!

Owning an RV is very expensive, both here in the Philippines and in other countries. The cost of an RV is already a wealth to an ordinary employee like me. Because of its price, it is wise that those who invest on this kind of vehicle should also acquire a motorhome insurance rather than just an ordinary auto-insurance.  The coverage of a  motorhome insurance is particularly designed for RVers, hence a more comprehensive protection not only for the vehicle but also for its contents.

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3 thoughts on “Vacation Mode

  1. I know what you mean mommy, and owning that RV will make you feel you’re always on vacation 🙂 hey sarap mo ha… super long weekend mo na 😀

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