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Everyone Is Dispensable

  • Sumo

In most IT companies, there is no “superman”. Everyone are dispensable except for the owners of course.  I always hear this statement when I was attending a CMMI traning on my previous company. Regrettably, I belong to that “dispensable”. When I told my boss that we were planning to relocate here in Bohol, he asked me to resign and as a consolation, he offered me a contractual position. At first, I thought, I will be compensated on per hour basis but it was late when I realized that he was planning to pay me on per milestone with a rate way below of the rate I was receiving as a regular employee. In other words, I am receiving less pay with the same (or probably more) amount of work. The only difference is I could not report to the office on weekly basis.

If I am a key person in the company, the situation would be totally different. Probably my boss would even get a key man insurance for me. But since I am just an ordinary employee, my hard work and skills are immaterial. I could easily be kicked-out and replaced. And sad to say, most common laborers are facing the same situation.

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