Overdue Premium

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I received a call from the secretary of my insurance agent. She called up to remind me about my overdue premium. I told her that I would just pay it little by little since I have no more 13th month pay to expect. She reminded about the interest which would be added to the premium if the later will not be paid within the grace period. I am actually aware of it.

While we were conversing, I remember to ask her of how many years are left to complete the premiums. She told me that I only have three more years including this year. It was a relief somehow that I am almost done with the premiums.

What I like about my plan with them is that it does not expire. And if I don’t die until I reach sixty years old, I’ll get twice of my plan coverage. So in a way, my life insurance with them is also an investment for my retirement. Although the plan is not that big, I have something to look forward to when I reach my retirement age, if Lord willing that I am still alive or the Lord Jesus has not come back yet.

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