Father’s Medicine for Arthritis

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Every 15th and 30th of the month I buy my father his maintenance medicine for his hypertension and diabetes. Yesterday, I am supposed to include in my list his medicine for his arthritis because his knees were aching. But my bad because I forgot the name of the medicine he was asking me buy for him  and I didn’t bring my cellphone so I couldn’t call my mother to ask the name. So when I gave my mother their budget, I just added some amount for my father’s arthritis medicine.

My father is already 57 years old, no wonder why he has an already an arthritis. He is not also careful with the food he eats that is why he is suffering joint pains. I think he already need a chondroitin and glucosamine supplement to treat his knee pains.

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4 thoughts on “Father’s Medicine for Arthritis

  1. Ganyan talaga ang buhay, just keep on and be blessed everyday. Our parents are also medicine for maintenance everyday at mahirap…

  2. my mom has arthritis too. what’s worse is that she’s in a wheelchair and the left part of her body is paralyzed. her only working knee’s stricken with the arthritis. i guess that’s part of growing old. anyway, hope we can exchange links. have a great day!

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