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Finally, I am now a registered voter

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Finally, I was able to complete the process for voter’s registration last Tuesday. That was not my first attempt to register but unfortunately all my previous attempts failed. I started trying my luck to get registered since I reached eighteen years of age but I was only able to succeed now that I am already 34 years old.  Yet still I almost gave up again.

The process of the actual registration was supposedly simple and fast. But how the process is being implemented prolong the process. For instance, in the case here in Panglao, a registrant like me needs to wait for hours lining up just to secure a registration form. After getting the form and filling it out, another queue for the processing of the registration form and getting of the biometrics.

I started lining up for the form last Monday at around 8:30 A.M. The line that time was still short. Only less than 20 people were ahead of me. So I thought I would finish the registration quick. At first I didn’t know that I was only lining up for the form. I didn’t also know the other requirements except for a valid ID. Since I have an SSS ID, I thought that was enough. Then I heard from a lady who came out from the office that an ID with an address was needed. If the registrant does not have that ID, a Baranggay clearance could be used as an alternative. When I heard that, I left the line and secure a Baranggay clearance first. Good thing, I have a companion who took my place in the line.

When I returned, only four people were subtracted from the line. When I realized that I was only lining up for the form, I tried to check around if there was any sign which indicates that the form is downloadable. Then I noticed the little writings on the first poster of COMELEC. The writing was the download link of the registration form. For goodness’ sake, they should have another poster somewhere else and not only on the COMELEC‘s wall so it could easily be read.  After lining up for almost two hours (I was worried that my baby already wanted to feed), I left the line and went home. It took more than 20 minutes to process the four people just for the form. It was not worth to continue waiting.

I downloaded the form that night and filled it out. Then I returned the next morning, Tuesday. I already lined-up for the processing of the registration. I was done in less than 30 minutes. The actual getting of biometrics and encoding of the form was less than 5 minutes.

So if you are like me who is a first time voter, the registration form is downloadable here. Download it and fill-it out first before going to COMELEC‘s office. Believe me it will make the entire process faster.

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6 thoughts on “Finally, I am now a registered voter

  1. I’m already a registered voter too. The process here in my places is fast. No need to wait for long hours just to be a voter. This coming election will be my first time voting.

  2. The last vote I had was when I was 18y.o. after that wala na. It’s so expensive to go home in my hometown just to cast my vote. But still I’m going to register after I settle in one place permanently.

  3. i failed to register too…. but i was able to vote before already… its just that eversince they changed the system (i was taking my board exam then), i didnt get to re-register… so no voting for me next year… wont be able din cguro kasi that would be a few weeks before i give birth… 😀

  4. I planned to register this time but failed. Just like you, I am already 31 but not yet voted eversince I reached 18.
    Maybe next time I will made it.
    Good suggestion that you really need to be ready before going to Comelec.

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