First Tri-Weekly Incentive

  • Sumo

Daughter was one of the five students who qualified for the Tri-Weekly Incentive of her school. The only qualification for the incentive is that the student should be able to get seven stars in three weeks. And Daughter got more than seven stars during the first three weeks of the school year hence she was able to enjoy the incentive.

The incentive was a visit to Bohol Bee Farm last Friday. Daughter was so happy to return to Bohol Bee Farm for the Buzz Ice Cream. I think she enjoyed it more on her second visit than when we first visit the place.

Daughter’s stories of her enjoyment at Bohol Bee Farm, encouraged the other students who didn’t qualify on the first Tri-Weekly to do better on their PACES so they could join the next Tri-Weekly according to my Daughter’s supervisor.

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