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As my daughter grows older the more I get stressed on reminding her what to do and not to do. I also observed that she tends to forget the instructions when she knows that I am in a light mood. She will only start obeying my instruction when she notices the tone of my voice is high.  And by that time, my patience is already pushed to the limits. I don’t want her to have an impression that I am always angry with her so to stop the yelling, scolding and the crying drama whenever she forgets her thing , which is very stressful for me and frightening to her, we agreed to implement a new way of monitoring her behavior through Behavioral Chart.  I showed her the Behavioral Chart last Friday and let her read the behaviors which will be monitored.

  I also discussed with her the rewards she will get if she achieves the desired checks.

To balance the rewards, we also agreed on the punishments if she reaches certain number of Xs.  This is to encourage her to do her best to comply on the set behaviors not only for her to get the rewards but also to avoid the punishments. Hopefully, we will not be needing to execute the punishments.

We agreed last Friday that we would start implementing the behavioral chart yesterday, Monday.  Thus we started it yesterday and so far, she was very cooperative.  I didn’t hear any complaint for a veggie dinner. She went to bed by herself even before her bedtime. After two Xs for the “Obeys promptly”, my next command was immediately obeyed. So far, so good. And because I knew very well my daughter’s tactics and persuasion power, I have to remind myself to be firmed with the rules. Otherwise, this technique is doomed to fail.

The behaviors, rewards and punishments may change based on her progress.

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