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Who wouldn’t want to buy products and services at cheaper prices? Mommies like me are addicted to these kinds of offers, aren’t we? This is the reason why voucher sites in the Philippines are getting in nowadays. Voucher sites are also known as discount sites.

Voucher or discount sites offer products and services at discounted prices in limited time. A consumer who wants to purchase a product or avail a service must register on the site. After which, the consumer can now buy the voucher for the product or the service. After purchasing the voucher, the buyer can either pick-up the product on the given date or wait for the product to be delivered on his/her doorstep. Easy peasy right? So tell me, who wouldn’t get hooked to this kind of purchasing?

There are three voucher sites that I know and I’ve tried purchasing from two of them. Let me share with you my insight and experiences on these voucher sites.

1. CashCashPinoy
It was my previous officemate who introduced me to voucher sites particular to CashCashPinoy few months ago. She shared with me an offer for Tell Me books. She thought I might be interested with the offer since I love buying books for my daughter. The offer for the book is 51% less than the actual price. So I bought the 6 books to have a complete set.   I got my books few days after the stated start of delivery via LBC.


  • No additional step is needed like emailing the merchant separately when delivery method is opted. The delivery details were asked during the purchasing process and not after the actual purchase were made.
  • The site loads fast.
  • The deals are categorized which makes helps the returning buyer locate the desired item faster.
  • There is a referral incentive. Registered member can earn cash points through referral.

2. Metro Deal
I could not remember how I learned about Metro Deal. I don’t know if one of my friends has made a purchase from this voucher site. So I think it made me unwise to purchase an item them without hearing any recommendations from friend. I just hope that I’ll receive my purchase any time soon.


  • Delivery is not automatic. Voucher buyer should send the delivery details to the merchant’s given email address after the payment. If the voucher buyer didn’t notice this instruction, the buyer might forfeit his/her voucher without realizing it. This happened to me when I purchased the digital weighing scale. I thought the item will be delivered automatically anytime after stated start delivery date since I provided the delivery details during the purchase process. But when I noticed that days has passed since the stated start delivery date has started, I went back to the site and checked if  I could track the status of my purchased. I found the voucher which has only a print option. I clicked the print option and the details of the voucher were displayed. In the voucher, I learned that if the item will be delivered, the delivery details should be emailed to the merchant’s email address. Needless to say, I was waiting for nothing. And the voucher will expire one month after of start delivery date. I sent the delivery details to the merchant two days ago but until the writing of this post, the item has not arrived yet.  I hope this site really delivers.
  • The loading of the site’s landing page of site is quite slow.
  • The site caters different deals on different metros.
  • The site keeps the old deals and the buyers can see them.
  • Only travel deals have a separate category. The rest of the deals fall in to the All Deals.
  • There is a site – wide left panel containing the current deals allowing the buyers to see all the currents deals anywhere they are in the site.

3. Ensogo – Living Social
I could not speak so much about my experience on their deals as I haven’t had a chance to purchase a voucher with them yet (but almost). So just let me share my observations and experience about their site’s features.


  • The products are categorized into more specific categories like Food & Beverages, Fashion & Accessories, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen and Electronics. The deals on travel have its own major category which is Escapes and is further categorized to more specific grouping. They also have specific page for BPI Deal Mania and past deals.
  • When I tried to log on using IE9, I encountered a script error. The log on button does not display on Google Chrome.
  • Ensogo – Living Social site also have different deals for different cities.
  • Ensogo – Living Social site has a discussion page but it seems that nobody has started any discussion yet.


  • Before grabbing any  deal, better check the other voucher sites first. The products being offered may also be offered in the other sites. Hence, you can choose the best deal.
  • Make sure you read all the instructions before purchasing any deal especially the instructions on how to claim the product you bought.
  • Finally, don’t buy anything just because it is cheaper yet you don’t need it. And don’t make anything a necessity just because it is cheap 😀
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  1. hi. i hope you will reply through my email add. I’ve been trying hard to find a sharpener for jumbo pencils. May I know what the brand was and where you bought it? Much much appreciated!

    1. I found the sharpener at National Bookstore two years ago. It has no brand, I just found it mixed with the other sharpener. Just like you, I really had a hard time finding a sharpener for Jumbo crayons.

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