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If you think only office workers have cubicles, think again because students too can also have their own cubicles in school. This is one of the differences of the School of Tomorrow curriculum from a teacher-centered curriculum. School of Tomorrow curriculum is also known as Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) or PACE system.

With School of Tomorrow’s curriculum, each student has their own office. The student’s office is where the students do their PACES.  Each office has a Philippines flag, a Christian flag, student progress chart, and the Daily Goal Card. The Philippine flag is used if the student needs the attention of the teacher-monitor like if the student wants to ask permission to go the rest room, or the student needs to go to the scoring table.  Oh yes, the students are not allowed to just stand up from their offices without asking permission first. They are not also allowed to talk to anyone unless permitted by the either the teacher-monitor or the supervisor. The Christian flag is used to call the attention of the supervisor which is usually when the student needs some help with the lesson.

The student progress chart is the indicator of the student’s progress. Each star corresponds to a completed PACE test. Big Star indicates perfect score in the PACE test while small star indicates otherwise. Each subject has different star color; Gold for Math, Red for English, Green for Social Studies, Blue for Science, Violet for Word Building. Filipino and Araling Panlipunan share the same color which is Silver. The star is paste on the week when the student took the PACE test.

The Daily Goal Card (which was already collected when I took the photos) is where the students write their daily goal. In my daughter’s case, her goal is 5 pages per subject daily.

So that is my daughter’s office. Do your children have their own offices too?


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  1. This is a new concept for me, but one I would have liked if I were still a student. I’d like to have my own space to do my stuff undisturbed. 🙂

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