FTF – Fried Dried Pusit

  • Sumo

Last Tuesday, hubby heard our neighbor selling Danggit and dried pusit (squid) from Cebu. Hubby asked me if we can buy (confirming if we still have the budget – that’s how budgeted our money is nowadays). I said yes. First because the price was much cheaper than the market’s price. Second, I could no longer remember when was the last time we had dried pusit on our table.

I didn’t regret buying it. This dried pusit was not very salty unlike the ones in supermarket. But eating this with spicy vinegar made me exceeded my one cup rice allowance per meal :D.

This is my entry for Food Trip Friday and Food Friday.

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2 thoughts on “FTF – Fried Dried Pusit

  1. yummy!!! i love salted dried pusit and danggit! 🙂

    ps. yup, dito lang ako sa QC. sa tabi-tabi. LOL
    The font that i used was GoodDogCool…sorry, forgot where I got it.
    My food friday is usually posted every Friday at 12:01 AM…Thursday pa tayo ngayon, eh. hehehe. It will be posted in a few minutes…

    enjoy your weekend!

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