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Fussy Baby

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Since Sunday night, my daughter has been crying from time to time because of what she feels. But good that she can easily be pacified. Unlike a colic baby, that no matter what you do, the baby wouldn’t just stopped crying.

Speaking of colic baby, this is sometimes irritating and frustrating for parents at times but normal to some babies. I remember the complaint of my church mate when she gave birth to her first baby. Her baby would cry for hours no matter what she do to pacify her . Her sister-in-law, (who grew up in the province) put some ginger, onion and garlic on the baby’s navel telling her that this how they do it in their province to treat the fussy baby. Unfortunately, this action caused infection on the baby’s navel and the baby was confined to the hospital. They spent more than a hundred thousand for the medication and treatment because the infection almost reached the baby’s brain.

How I wish I already knew Colic that time so I can share it with my church mate. This site provides information about colic remedies and how to treat baby acid correctly. The hospitalization expense and the infection should have been avoided.

For sure, there are other mommies who might have a colic or fussy baby. You may check Colic Calm for more information.


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  1. my son was very colicky when he was a baby. We tried all known remedies but to no avail. I hope I learned about that site before.

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