July 2: Pasig City Day – Declared Special Non-Working Holiday

  • Sumo
Our admin staff sent an email stating that July 2, Thursday, is a non-working Holiday for us in celebration of Pasig Day. This is a good time to rest after being stressed with my daughter’s coughs and colds. I have two less- sleep nights and and still need to work in the day time. I feel so tired.

I am thankful to God that my daughter is a little better now. She was able to sleep the entire night last night but her breathing is not yet fully normal. It was my hubby who made her slept last night because my eyes can no longer open because of sleepiness. I don’t know what time they slept last night, but when I woke up in the middle of the night, they were both sleeping already.

July 2 is a very timing day-off. I hope my daughter will continue to get better so I can have that day as a rest day.


3 thoughts on “July 2: Pasig City Day – Declared Special Non-Working Holiday

  1. wow…holiday sarap eheheh kaso si hubby makati sya kaya meron pasok eheheh =)

    good news gurl..naihabol ko yung promo kahit july 1 na…nagtataka nga ko d expire eh =) eheheh galing! natapos ko na dn 100 pages ko! =) excited n ko ulit makita outocme hehehe =)

  2. Pareho pala tayo Mommy…last week naman yung situation ko na ganyan. In a way, yung cancellation of pre-school classes gave time for my little one and me to rest.

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