Household Chores

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Being a work-at-home mom, every minute is important.  There are so many tasks which are lined-up for me to do every day. There are household chores that I could not do on a daily basis as much as I want. These tasks need to wait until I get an extra time at night or the tasks need to wait till Saturday, during break time from visitation.

Since I don’t have enough time to do all the household chores, I am thankful that I have a loving husband who does some of the chores like cooking and washing the dishes. I am also thankful that there are machines which speed up and lighten up heavy tasks like laundry. I am also thankful for the materials used in some parts of the house which lessen my tasks. Just like having tiled floor rather that wooden floor. Wooden floor needs daily scrubbing to make it shiny while tiled floor, a quick sweeping will be enough.

I remember when I was a child, our rented room’s floor was made of wood. Yes, we only live in a small room but that is another story. My mother wanted it to be always shiny. So every morning my brothers would alternately scrub the floor using a coconut husk to make the floor shine like laminate flooring. I saw how the sweat while scrubbing. I was just too glad that I was too young to help them. So while they were cleaning the house, I was outside playing with my kitchen toys 😀


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