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Weak TV Signal

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The TV signal in our place is weak. We are using an outdoor analog antenna so we can at least receive a signal. But still, only GMA channel 7 can be viewed a bit clear. So when hubby saw the promotion of a digital cable provider in the market, he inquired about the packages.  But we learned that their basic package does not include the cable channels we want for our daughter like the Discovery and Animal Planet. Most of the channels included in their basic package are movie channels which we are not interested with. Hence, we just dropped the idea.

I felt that that we could not maximize the capability of our small LCD TV. Supposedly, the display of the TV should be crystal clear but since the TV signal is still analog and weak, there is rain-like display whenever we watch a TV program. I wonder if a digital antenna could do the charm. I should start checking the digital antennas available in the market in case it can improve the reception of our TV.

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