How To Speed Up Your PC

  • Sumo

How to speed up your pc? If you asked me this question more than ten years ago, I’ll probably suggests that you free up some of your pc’s disk space by deleting the unnecessary files or transferring them to a diskette. I’ll also probably suggest that you uninstall applications which you don’t use then defragment your disk.

But if you will ask me the same question today, I’ll probably have a different set of suggestions. I might tell you to buy a new hard disk if I found out that your pc is running out of disk. Or I’ll suggests that you upgrade your memory if I noticed that your memory usage reaches 100%. Or I’ll probably recommend that you junk your old pc and buy or assemble a new one 😀

The difference in my answer is due to the fact that PC parts nowadays are a lot affordable than before. So why stress yourself doing the optimization if a little budget for a new PC is simply the solution :D.


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