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I am terribly DISAPPOINTED with the result of my second purchase from My first purchase was a smooth one so I decided purchase another voucher. Unfortunately, this time they failed to deliver the expected item.

Last July 20, Hubby convinced me to buy the deal offered by for a 10-inch Blink Tablet PC with 3G GSM Sim Card Slot for Mobile Phone Capabilities at Php 4,500, it is a good deal right? That time, Ensogo PH has also a deal for a 7-inch tablet at 3,999. But we decided to buy the one from MetroDeal for three reasons. First, because it is bigger at 10 inches. Second it is has a built in SIM slot. Meaning the tablet can be used for call and SMS. Third, I have already tried the site and it delivers.

The delivery should have started last July 21 but I received an email stating that the delivery date was moved to July 25. Though we were excited to receive our 10-inch Blink Tablet PC with 3G GSM Sim Card Slot for Mobile Phone Capabilities, we let it pass and waited patiently. We received another email last August 4 stating that due to the volume of the purchases, the delivery would take 2 to 3 weeks, maximum. We accepted their apology calmly and like they requested, we hanged on.

But when the unit finally arrived last Saturday, our excitement was replaced with DISAPPOINTMENT. The 10-inch Blink Tablet PC with 3G GSM Sim Card Slot for Mobile Phone Capabilities we expected became  a 7 – inch non-Blink (we could not find anywhere in the unit the BLINK trademark) Tablet PC with N0 3G GSM Sim Card Slot for Mobile Phone Capabilities.  We even thought that the courier made a mistake with the delivery so we re-checked the name indicated on the parcel. But it was really mine. And when I checked the details of the voucher I bought, the 10-inches specification was already 7 inches and the 10-inch in the title of the deal could nowhere be found.  I called the number indicated on the small piece of paper included in the parcel where the FREEBIES were listed. The lady who answered the phone (probably was not trained to properly handle customer calls) told me to contact MetroDeal directly because they were just the supplier. I tried to find the contact number of MetroDeal and I found it. Unfortunately the hotline is only accessible from Monday to Friday. So phone was not possible that time. I have no choice but to email them. The auto-response stated that depends on the volume, I will get a reply from 1 to 3 days. We had no choice but to wait until we got an answer from them.

Hubby tried to assess if we can settle for the unit. But he found out that the unit is not really satisfactory.  It could not connect to 3G using the broadband plugin and the WIFI capability is so weak. Imagine it could no longer connect to the WIFI if it is on the next room of where the router is. That is the time we decided to request for refund. And I emailed the support team again.

Luckily, after several days, I got a reply from the support team this evening. They are willing to refund my money but also tried to point out that the specs of the tablet I received were upgraded? How can I compare if the original detail was also “upgraded”? Aside from the upgrade, they stated that they included some freebies. Well, thanks for the freebies but the freebies are just enough consolation for the delivery delays.

I am not saying that MetroDeal is a hoax site. As I said, my initial transaction with them went smoothly. But they failed to maintain their credibility to me. I will think so many times before buying another voucher with them again. And if the same deal is being offered to other group buying sites, chances are, I’ll choose the other sites over MetroDeal.

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  1. I am always tempted to avail for these deals site. Thanks for your warning. I need to be cautious of my online purchase and stick with trusted sellers. So far, I have not experienced failed transactions with Amazon, Suelas and Zalora.

  2. Whoah! Me and my mom are always in the hunt for great deals through these deal sites. Although we haven’t had the chance to order one yet, this sure is a great feedback you have provided. Well, at least they offered to refund your money.

  3. This is why I don’t want to have any transactions made online. 😀 I’m afraid that I will not be satisfied with the service that they will give to me when I’ll be transacting online.

  4. same here! im disappointed to metro deal too! i bought something last may but until now i haven’t received it.. i keep on complaining but they just email me and forwarding me to the merchant.. the merchant never respond!!

  5. My MetroDeal experience went well. It was with Ensogo that we had to beg the staff to cancel our deal because they failed to deliver the rain boots we purchased–TWICE. I’d recommend CashCashPinoy, kasi the staff is really nice and if they ever got into kinks with partner merchants, they resolve it by emailing customers about the failed transactions.

  6. Sorry you had to go through this kind of experience. My friends use Metrodeal for food & travel vouchers and they are happy buying from the site. I didn’t really think about it but I now realize MD and other deal sites are just mediators or sellers for these businesses. Next time, maybe you can print screen the page of the deal so you have proof on what you read when you purchased your voucher.

  7. I do not buy deals at online coupon or deals website. Why? maybe because its the paranoia in me. I always go with traditional coupons and deals way.

  8. I haven’t tried purchasing online but am tempted to purchase the voucher for a Hong Kong Disneyland package… I’m having 2nd thoughts. What if something went wrong, how will I explain that to my expecting kids? Thanks for sharing your sad experience with MetroDeal. I’ll ask my friend if her order was delivered, she bought a gadget just recently from MetroDeal. 🙁

  9. I’ve never tried any of these group buying sites. One time I almost bought the Zoobic deal with Metrodeal but a co-worker warned me about the site. He had earlier bought a Palawan package from the site that he could not get booked. So I didn’t go through with my purchase.

  10. You could file a complaint at DTI. This would send the message to Metrodeal that you are intent on getting your money back. If they were unable to get the exact units they sold on the site, they should have informed the buyers first and asked them if they still wanted the other unit before shipping replacement units.

  11. Sometimes, I also feel tempted to purchase from these sites as I find their deals really good and cheap but I always get discourage whenever I read some reviews like this. Sorry to hear about your experience Sis. We have to be very careful, then. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. I don’t think of it anymore. I just posted to warn other buyers 🙂 This is also the reason why I set this link for the CommentEx for page ranking.

  12. That is one of the disadvantages in buying stuffs online. I also do transactions online, being a writer and an online seller at the same time, but it is always a plus factor to be cautious.

    I really hope you’ll get your refund soon. 🙂

  13. i once purchase a spa deal using, ok nmn, pero un nga pag mga gadgets or slimming services/warts removal n the like mejo hesitant aq.. for me, pagtyagaan q nlng yang dnilever kesa extra gastos, waste time n effort sa follow up at money refund.

    1. Tama ka kaya hindi ko na itinuloy magpa-refund. I heard from other buyers that it would take 30-45 days working days ang refund processing.

  14. it is sad to know that this kind of deals can also cause too much headache. that’s why i’m a bit wary buying on deals. hopefuly your item will be replaced or you could get your money back.

  15. I hope that they’ll refund your money back soon. I’m afraid to shop online as well, except if a friend recommend it. I don’t have work as well for now, so there’s no need to shop online, hahaha!!! Hope things will be resolved and malay mo sis, sa next purchase mo baka bigyan ka nila ng discount 😉 (Baka lang naman… hihih!)

    Visiting from CE Sept4.

  16. This is very disappointing indeed. So far I have had good experiences with MetroDeal, but always I am careful with my dealings, kahit na previously okay naman. I try to check the merchant pa rin. I hope all goes well soon.

  17. There are many items that temp me to buy in such sites. Buti na lang hindi pumapayag si mommy na bumili kami dun, kasi based sa mga nababasa nya, andaming mga bad experiences. Ingat na lang talaga and much better kung dun ka na lang sa authorized dealers talaga bumili kasi talagang guaranteed pa and madali lang kung sakaling ibabalik ung unit.

    1. I have no more plan to request for a refund. I heard from other buyers that it would take more than 30 business days to process the refund and MetroDeal has no standard how to return the money.

  18. Oh, thank goodness we don’t purchase tablet from online shop or from deals like this. Plano ko sana sa Lazada but a friend told me a bad experience with them too. Buti hindi kami natuloy na bumili dun at nakabili na kami sa mall na lang. Nakasale pa ang samsung galaxy tab nila. Kaya ingat na lang talaga next time, after this mahirap na magtiwala.

    1. Right! They should be the first one to be held responsible because were the ones who published and approved the deal.

  19. That is a very frustrating experience. For them to close down the fb account and the website itself tells me that you’re not the only unfortunate victims clamoring for refunds and such.

  20. Ms. Mylene,

    Same thing happened to me. I purchased this 10″ Blink tablet last Jul 14 and ngayon ko lang na received yung item (Aug. 29). As I opened the LBC package, unang bumungad is the globe tattoo broadband and the 7″ Wonder Media tablet which is really different from what was described sa voucher na binili ko. No sim card slot! Tapos nung binalikan ko yung voucher ko sa Metrodeal, iba na yung mga specs na nakalagay…buti na lng at nakapag print ako nung orig voucher ko last Jul 16….
    I’m about to email Metrodeal about this and check what would they be replying to me. Sana i ban na nila ang NCAS Inc. Marami na rin akong voucher na ankuha sa kanila and ngayon lang sila sumablay sa kin…….

    Ask ko lang po kung ano na pong ginawa nyo…. nakapag refund po ba kayo? Hassle po ba at pinabalik balik kayo??? Pinag-iisipan ko rin po kasi na baka naman mas malaki pa yung magagastos ko sa paglakad ng refund (kasi baka pabalik balik lang and baka marami pang ipapagawa)…. Can you kindly advise me po…. Thanks….

    1. Hi Raymond,

      Initially, I planned to return the unit at request for refund. Nag-email na ako sa support ng Ang kaso nasa Bohol ako, ipapaLBC ko sana pero naisip ko mahihirapan na ako ifollow-up. Tas lalo kaming walang makuha 🙁 Then I checked DishTonigh site, naka redirect na 🙁 and ung inupload nila na video last August 28 ata un sa fb nila, binura kinubukasan pati na ung last status update ni JOE PINEDA.

      Hassle talaga pagpinabali-balik pa 🙁 so for me, wala na akong magagawa kundi pagtiyagaan ung unit. Teka-teka nga ang connection sa 3G eh tas napakahina ng reception ng WIFI. As in parang binili lng sa Divisoria ung unit. Kung alam ko nga lang na ganito, Ung sa ensogo na lang sana ung kinuha ko.

      Nakakadagdag lang ng stress kaya papalipasan ko na lng siguro, charge it to experience na lang 🙂

      1. … that’s what my wife is telling me… pag-isipan ko daw na if ever na isasauli ko at mag request ng refund eh am i ready daw ba na magtyaga sa pag-follow-up at mamasahe and waste time to travel at maghintay sa kanila…. she even pointed out na baka mag-issue pa sila na post-dated check tapos malalaman mo na lang at bouncing check na pala…. kaya pagtyatyagaan ko na nga lang siguro…. PERO dapat liable din ang METRODEAL kasi hinayaan nya na gawin ito ng merchant nila na NCAS Inc (Dishtonight). They should have done something to protect their customers. Eh ang kaso eh sila pa yung nagpalit ng description dun sa ads/voucher nila… they remove the 10″ blink tablet and made it only Cool tablet…. kabwisit……

        1. Tama! Dapat talaga ang MetroDeal ang liable dahil sila ang nagpost nung deal sa site nila. Sila din naghahanap ng mga merchant. If ever mag file ng mass case against Metrodeal sasali ako 😀

          Sa US nga may organization na nagkukucollect ng mga pandaraya sa mga consumers tas sila na nagfa file ng mass case. Dito sa Pinas wala kasi nun.

        2. Hi Raymond, Have you read the latest update from DishTonight? According to Joe, it was MetroDeal which decided to send the 7″ tablet. DT added that they didn’t get the payment from METRODEAL that is why they didn’t release the gadget. Now, they are pointing to each other.

  21. Same with us, this is true.
    I hope we can also refund our money.
    4.5k just for a simple, low class tablet and a free USB modem??? >.<

  22. we are at the same situation,your lucky beacause you got something from them, but me until now i have nothing, july 12,2012 i fully paid the said item also purchased at metrodeal, but until now, i have no any item received!..damn!..bullshit that seller!..scammer!..i called the seller but the number is now not yet in service,.

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