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Li’l Daughter Is Now Six Months Old

  • Sumo

Yay! Time really fly so fast! Today, my second daughter is six months old! This means that she’s now ready for solid food. Some mommies introduce solid food at four months. But I prefer to patiently wait until six months to make sure that my baby’s stomach is fully matured and really ready for other food than milk. Anyway, what is another two months of waiting if it means less problem with loose bowel movement  in the future.

Just like with my eldest daughter, the first food I introduced this morning with my li’l one is sweet potato (camote).  Sweet potato is very nutritious. It has most of the nutrients of the rice but has more fiber. Since there was a flea market last weekend ( the locals call it Tabo ), I bought some sweet potato. The variety of sweet potato I bought was white outside but violet inside just  like an Ube.

I peeled a whole sweet potato, cut it in very small pieces then boiled it. When the sweet potato is very tender, I mashed it in the water I used to boil it. When consistency is almost liquid, I set a small amount on a bowl and the pour the remaining on an ice cube tray with cover then freeze it. It will be used on the succeeding meals so I don’t have to cook every meal and every day. I only have to thaw one cube every meal. This way I can also monitor her progress based on the number of cubes she can consume in a meal.

I joined my husband last Saturday going to the downtown to buy a feeding spoon and  bowl for my daughter. That was the first time I left my daughter at home so the trip must just be very quick. I looked for the Pigeon Soft Tip Spoon Set, the same spoon set which my eldest used. Unfortunately, the store I visited didn’t have Pigeon products and I could no longer transfer to another store due to time constraint. I have to settle for what was available and I chose the silicon-made spoon to protect my daughter’s tender gums.

Hubby was the one who fed her while I took the photos ^__^.

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27 thoughts on “Li’l Daughter Is Now Six Months Old

  1. yey! i love giving my little boy new taste to try too! 🙂 we actually started with squash then moved on to mix of greens (malunggay, alugbati, okra, saluyut)… kinda amazing how he loved the greens! then moved on to fish… you should try that too… now at 11months he loves to eat veggies and fish specially than other food… 🙂 i give him a few taste of sweets from time to time. But im so happy he still prefers fruits (specially banana and mango) over other sweets… 🙂

  2. Happy 6th, little baby! My little ones’ first foods were also sweet potatoes, potatoes, and carrots. Oh, and don’t forget to label the ice trays with the date you prepared the food so you’ll remember when they’re not fit for consumption anymore.

  3. Happy 6 months baby girl! Is she your first child? It sure is exciting to enjoy parenting together with your baby’s firsts. Try banana also. Then to smashed vegetables like potato and carrots. Have fun! 😉

  4. Cute little girl. Happy 6th month! I remember when my son was her age. I was over excited to feed him. I gave her señorita and masked it with a little milk.

  5. our kids are almost of the same age, mine just turned 3months and just like u im willing to wait until he’s 6months before i introduce him to solid food, his diet is pure bmilk no water even 🙂

  6. My son’s first solid food is banana the senorita variety with a little milk.
    Your baby is so cute.
    (visit from BCB)

  7. mommy mylene, my youngest son just turned 6months this 10th of August. I used to feed my children at six months. I have started earlier with our youngest. I started with soup, now I feed him with any mashed food.

    It’s hard preparing baby’s food. I love the idea of freezing the baby’s food. Thanks for sharing

  8. She’s so cute! And she seems to be enjoying her treat, haha! I was advised by a nurse friend that its best to start feeding our babies with solid food at 6 mos. One advantage according to her (in their studies) is that to prevent early obesity for children. 🙂

  9. Sweet potato is an excellent choice because it is packed with a lot of nutrients and is affordable pa. She’s a picture of wonder and amazement at the new taste and experience. 🙂

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