The Food We Eat

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Do you know why many people nowadays are suffering from diseases which affect the vital organs like heart, pancreas, liver, lungs and kidneys? And the do you notice that the afflicted of these ailments gets younger and younger? The answer is in the food we take.

In our society, most people are busy earning a living. They have always too much work to do that they eat just to satisfy the grumbling tummy forgetting the total purpose of eating which is to nourish the whole body. So instead of preparing a well-balanced meal which might take some of their precious time, most busy people settle for easy-to-cook or ready-to-eat food which in most occasions is full of additives. Those who are too tired to prepare for a decent dinner would settle for restaurants or fast-food. Let’s admit it, only few restaurants here in the Philippines offers yummy healthy food yet not expensive. Some ordinary workers could probably afford to eat in this kind of places once in a while but not on a regular basis so most often they also fall into having unhealthy food but fit their budget. The result of these kind of eating habits are full stomach but starving body, starving from the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy body.

Another reason is the quantity we take. Are we just taking enough quantity or we are insatiable? Our body is like a machine that breaks down if used continuously without rest. The parts of our body which process the food we take also need to rest. But if we eat too much and too frequent allowing our body to work continuously without stop, it will wear out too soon.

Health is wealth is already a cliché but is still true. No matter how advance the medical field is to treat these diet-related illnesses, I’d still prefer not to have anything to treat, right? It is nice that there are now alternative medicines which are globally accepted like boiron, herbal and Chinese medicine but it would great if we won’t need it at all.  The key is the food we take 🙂


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