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Is it about time to throw in the towel for the facial washes and toners of Human ♥ Nature? If you remember I started using Human ♥ Nature products last January. One product included in the Sample Pack is the Nourishing Facial Wash.

Needless to say, I tried it. When I started using it, I started to have Pustules. I didn’t stop immediately as I was thinking that my skin was still adjusting to the new facial wash. But as I used it, new pimples came out every day. So I decided to stop using it and switch to Balancing Facial Wash thinking that Nourishing Facial Wash was not suitable for my skin.Since my face is a bit oily, I chose the Balancing Facial Wash because this is suitable for oily face. I even bought the Balancing Face Toner hoping that it would heal the pimples.

To my dismay, more and bigger pimples came out after few days of using it. And there was one or two pimple coming out every day! Again, I thought my skin was still in the adjustment period. But when it seemed that the pimples never get tired of coming out and the marks left by the earlier pimples were already Buy Cialis awful to look at and rashes-like pimples started to come out on my cheeks I checked the internet what probably caused the break-outs. The answer I got was due to too much scrubbing which caused the face to produce more oil.  The Balancing Facial Wash has bamboo scrubs which was I liked with the facial wash. I can feel the scrub on my face. If not for the continuous pimples coming out, I would not give up Balancing Facial Wash.

But since I am stubborn and persistent to drop my old facial wash which is non-organic, I tried again the Nourishing Facial Wash. But this time I also bought the toner. But the result was just the same, more pimples every day. I have no plan to try the last remaining facial wash which is the Hydrating Creamy Wash because I believe this is much more not suitable for my oily skin. So I think it is about time to surrender. Switching to organic facial wash may not be suitable for me. Sayang, I really like the Balancing Facial Wash‘s scrub. However, my husband who is using the Pure Strength 100% Natural Oil-Fighting Face Wash has no problem using the product. It suited his face.

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2 thoughts on “Human ♥ Nature Facial Wash Result

  1. Hmm… replacement is not necessary. I forgot to mention that I used the Balancing Facial Wash on my back and feet because as I said, I love its beads for scrubbing…

    I am also hoping I could find the HN product suited for my face.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your review. We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We’ve received tons of great reviews about our facial washes and toners, but we understand that they may not have been suitable for your skin type. Some people who have been so used to using purely chemical products on their skin may have an initial reaction to the sudden shift to natural products, which is why we recommend that patch tests be done and for our products to be gradually introduced into your personal care regimen. However because we want you to have the best experience with Human Nature, we would like to learn more about your experience with our facial products and replace them for free if you are not satisfied with them. Our Customer Service team will be in touch shortly to discuss this with you 🙂

    We truly appreciate you trying out our products and are happy your husband is enjoying our Pure Strength Facial Wash! We do hope you find the products that suit you and encourage you to continue on in supporting a healthy, environmental, and natural lifestyle 🙂

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