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No Vacation

  • Sumo

While most of the students are enjoying their vacations, my daughter and I agreed that she will deferred her vacation until she finished her PACEs for her current level which is level 3. Anyway, she has day – offs every whenever we have special church activities or we have to attend special events of other churches. The reason for the deferred vacation is because she needs to go back to Manila for the level 4 orientation once she completed her level 3. Instead of having her vacation here in Bohol, she’ll take her vacation in Manila.

Daughter S is almost half – way through with her level 3 PACEs. She has completed the first five set and now working on her sixth set except for Math in which she is still on the fifth PACE (1030). Math is her most delayed subject although it takes the longest duration (1 hour) in our daily schedule. Sometimes she can only finish one page per day particularly if the page is pure computation which is usually 20 problems of 4 digits addition and subtraction. So I think that is fine. To balance the subjects, I don’t issue a new PACE for other subjects if  her MATH is way delayed. I allow her to use the time for her other subjects to work on her MATH until it catches the other subjects.

So for now, daughter is postponing her vacation.

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