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Have you ever heard about Human ♥ Nature? We were on the same boat until our  Manila trip last December. Probably I have it encountered before but didn’t pay much attention to it that is why it seemed new to me when a churchmate introduced its products during our last Manila visit.

Human Heart Nature

My interest about Human ♥ Nature products piqued when I learned that they are made from organic raw materials.  So my next question was about the prices since I am fully aware that organic products in the market were quite pricey. I was surprised to know that the prices were cheaper than those in the market.  I was encouraged to try the products and to register to get the discount for Members. But since our time in Manila was so limited, I was not able to register.  I was so happy to know that I could register online.

Few days after we returned from Manila, I submitted my registration to Human ♥ Nature via email. I downloaded the registration form from their site then provided the information then send them the filled-in form and my scanned SSS ID. Certain Ms. Anne texted me the next day to ask some details re: registration form. I was also advised to check my email. I received an email in response to my preferred mode of payment. I paid the package and shipping fee the next day through bank deposit. Then I emailed them the scanned copy of my deposit slip. Unfortunately, they didn’t receive my email. They didn’t also receive secretagogue hgh my follow-up email. After more than a week, I texted the number used by Ms. Anne. Finally, I receive their response. I was asked to send again my deposit slip to process my kit. The next day, I received my package – a Bestsellers Sample Pack. Yay!

Bestseller Sample Package - Human Nature

The Bestseller Sample Pack is the cheapest among the three options available. It cost P799.00 but the products included are worth P997 at SRP. This option includes 12 of the bestselling Human Nature products, 10 magalogues, 10 fliers and entitles a 15% starting discount.  This is the least discount among the three registration options. I think this package is enough if the purpose of the membership is for trial only. The included products may vary depending on the availability of the product. The sizes of the products I received were the sample sizes which were mostly in 50 ml. I think the size is enough to try the product.

So far, I am satisfied with the products I have tried like the Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, Feminine Wash, Nourishing Facial Wash, Healthy Lotion and the Citronella Spray. I am planning to buy Nourishing Face Toner to complement the Nourishing Facial Wash. I want to check if it will improve my facial skin.  The rest of the sample products still await their verdict 😀

If you wish buy and try Human ♥ Nature products, don’t hesitate to leave me a message. If you want to be part of its growing family, you can download the registration form here.

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38 thoughts on “human ♥ nature

  1. Welcome to the club! I love this brand because they are totally 100% organic, even the packages. My best picks are the sunflower beauty oil and the cirtonella repellant.

    1. Same here! I love the sunflower oil 😀 I use it a moisturizer. Now I am thinking if it is worth to buy the day and night moisturizer if the sunflower works 😀 We also use the citronella because our place has so many insects. Some are too small to be seen. 😀

  2. Welcome to the growing family of Human Nature! Hehe 🙂 I use a lot of the products and gift the baby products to friends with newborns. More than that, I believe in the advocacy. Pang The Body Shop ang peg diba? Hindi nga lang ako masyadong successful as business, pero may regular buyers naman ako. Hehe.

    1. Starting pa lang ako. Actually ang target ko lang nung una is to get the personal discount. Nung nishare ko sa iba nag order din so naisip ko maganda itong extra income 😀 But I have to establish regular buyers pa.

  3. I’m a Human Nature member. I love the the blue feminine wash. I avoided the facial wash for the time being after I had small pimples. Biglang parang bagong nagdadalaga ako, na eversince hindi ako nagkapimples na ganun. I don’t know if it’s with the HN facial wash ha or the press powder. I still have with me the citronella bug spray for my son and also the sunflower oil. 🙂

    1. I’ll try the blue feminine wash next time. Ako din nagkapimples sa tomato facial wash pero baka dahil hindi na sanay ang face ko sa organic. Nasanay na siguro sa mga chemicals 😀

  4. i’ve never tried their products although i have heard a lot about them. maybe you could create a post about the products you’ve used. 🙂

  5. I’ve been wanting to try Human Nature products too.
    My daughter doesn’t have the prettiest hair, and it got worse last year.
    When I had her hair cut last year, I was advised to switch her shampoo to kids shampoo because regular shampoo’s strength damaged her hair; and so I did. It didn’t get any better though. So, I’m searching for an organic shampoo that could make her frizzy hair manageable.

  6. Hvan’t tried pa these products. To be honest, I am also keen to try organic products as I don’t have yet any first hand information of how effective they are and the benefits they could give over the non organic ones.

  7. I don’t think we have them in Baguio, sis. Pashare please website nila so I can check them out. I have really dry skin lately because of the baguio weather and these organic prods might help

  8. We are planning to register here too. i think there is an office in Malolos and it is just minutes away from us. We are planning to be distributor of the said products for extra income na rin.

  9. I am thinking of being a member of human nature since I started a beauty blog and I am a fan of natural products as well.. Maybe in time, I will. 🙂

  10. They have lovely products. Please try the dishwashing liquid and the laundry detergent and post your reviews. I am thinking if I should switch to organic for those household products. 🙂

  11. Hello Mylene!

    My Mom first heard about this brand when it was introduced by a famous journalist in the broadsheet many years ago. It is also endearing to know that the products are Philippine made and very affordable. So she ordered a couple of their products and gave them to our relatives for Christmas. 🙂

    I am using their lip balm.

  12. Oh this post made me again want to try Human Nature. I want to try sunflower oil. I sit really effective? I am planning to join us distributor since I am online shop but still can’t find time to. Hehe. Thank you for sharing again. I will download again the registration form.

    Mommy Maye

    1. Tama mommy Maye! You should register since you are an online seller 🙂 You opt for the Business Pack option para you get the 25% discount. What I like with the sunflower oil is I can use it as lotion and it is not sticky. You should also try the citronella for your son. It is non-deet insect repellant. Let me know if you wish to register ha.

  13. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Human Nature, and I plan to eventually “convert” to using all-organic products. I will try it!

    1. Go Ms. Maan. Try their products you might like them. If you plan to register to avail the discount for members, please feel free to download the form using the link provided. I also place it on my sidebar for easy access…

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