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Do you remember my concern when I was about to start homeschooling my eldest daughter?  It was my daughter’s “office” at home. Temporarily, she used her old table. I lean it on my table so I can easily supervise her work. But the table is too small to accommodate all her stuff.  So I am definite that this kind of setup is not good for long-term use.

School Office

Finally, last week I was able to convince my DH that a new  bigger “office” is a need and not just my caprices. We were able to buy a study table which was very similar to an ACE office design.  After class hours and during weekends, the actual writing area can be folded to maximize the space. Add to that, her school stuff is remained inside her “office”.


Now, we are working side -by-side. It is easier for me to supervise her reading tasks and it also easier for me to call her attention if she is not doing anything.

new Office

I observe that daughter is more comfortable to work on her new table. She has more writing space and her stuff is not cluttered. She can always see her “stars” too which serve as her motivation. She also sees her schedule so she knows what the next subject she needs to work on.

Aside from her office, she also uses our very small dining table whenever she takes her PACE Test. It is required that PACE Tests should not be  done in the student’s office. Instead there should be a Testing Area which in our case, our dining table.

For now, we don’t need yet a Scoring Area since I’m the one checking her work. But when she step up to Level 4, we need to setup a Scoring Area because she will be scoring her own work using the Score Keys.

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31 thoughts on “Work Areas

  1. Her new study table looks so organized. I am happy that you are homeschooling your child. I have considered homeschooling din, kaya lang I am working. However, I found a nice gradeschool owned by my Trigonometry teacher in high school. I love their teaching concept and the children are thriving and really learning (My eldest daughter, who is now in college, was a pioneer of the school. I was glad I put her there, even when people here frowned on eclectic schools and preferred the old one.

  2. Wow! That is so cool. She has her own space for herself that could make her feel like she’s in her own desk at school..even better looking than the boring desk at school. haha! I haven’t really thought of home schooling my kids even with the fact that they are athletes or towards my toddlers. What are its advantages sis?

  3. Nice to see that your daugther has a new study area. I still get the kids to do their work at the dining table as it is the only table big enough to accomodate everyone.

  4. Her new study area looks wonderful and I like that she has shelves to put things on and a sense of privacy so she wont get distracted by other things going on at home… Terrific idea.
    PS I left you some comments/requests on the docs board.

  5. I love her new desk, so organized! And being able to see her stars can definitely be motivating for a learner. Hope she enjoys learning more 🙂

  6. Her face looks intense! Sure is better to have a “young lady’s” study table than the small one. I’m sure mas inspired sya ngayon 😀

    Happy home-schooling!

  7. The study table is indeed more comfortable than her old table. Are those “areas” you’ve mentioned needed in homeschooling? Hindi pala pwede in her study table na lang?

  8. A work space is essential to especially for kids to establish discipline when they’re studying. Again, I comment you and your household for doing home schooling coz I know the hard work associated with it 🙂

    And thank you for all the help that I’ve been receiving from you! 🙂

  9. Having a well-organized work space, either for studying or doing work is very important. Seeing things neatly arranged somehow gives a sense of order and system, which I think makes that task at hand easier to tackle. I for one cannot work and think well when my office table is all cluttered. My brains are somehow also in shambles hehehe.

  10. A comfortable study area is very important to learning. And I think one advantage of home schooling is that you can personally adjust your child’s study area according to her needs.

  11. her study table is more comfy now; same question here, is it accredited by DepEd? a friend of mine is thinking about homeschooling for her kid, can you please share how you get into it, any website or office?

    1. Right now, the homeschooling arm of SOT is still seeking DepEd’s recognition. But in our Constitution we have the right to educate our children in the manner we see fit and the government will recognize it. Until when? Until God is leading us to do so 🙂

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