I Am Not A Smoker

  • Sumo

Do you smoke? Well I’m not neither my husband and I am thankful for that. I could not stand the smell of cigarette and I can smell it even meters away. I am also happy that at my daughter’s age, she’s already aware that smoking is bad for the health. I remember when we went to Manila two weeks ago, she saw our old man neighbor smoking just outside my parents’ door. She told the old man that smoking is bad and that he should throw his cigarette. I was surprised and I do hope that the old didn’t get offended. The way my daughter told it was gentle anyway.

As no one in the house smokes, I am not familiar with cigars brand. I don’t kno which one is expensive or not. I don’t care anyway as I have no plan to waste my money on vices which destroys my body. If you smoke and you prefer branded cigars, you may want to visit for special offer on Rocky Patel cigars. But just a friendly-reminder, if you love your family, then quit it.

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