I Am Suffering From Laziness Syndrome

  • Sumo

I have been silent for a week or two? No I didn’t went out town. I was just here at home working on my full-time work.  I was  not that busy but was just too lazy to do other tasks and that includes updating my site. Aside from that, my daughter’s sleeping schedule changed. She’s still awake until 1 AM.

And because I’ve been idle for a while, I lost track. I do not know where to start again hehehe… I need to gain momentum and focus again. I hope I can regain them at no time at all.

I also need to re-prioritize my duties and tasks. Because I am overwhelmed with so many things to do, my tendency is to step back and the result is I’ve done no task at all hahaha…

I really hope I can recover from this laziness syndrome 😀  and be able to get back to the track again.

1 thought on “I Am Suffering From Laziness Syndrome

  1. Hi Mylene. Minsan ganyan din pakiramdam ko but the moment I sit in front of the computer to check my mail nawawala na naman ako sa pangako ko to leave my site for a while. Para kasing magnet ang blogging sa akin eh. kahit marami akong pending chores naiiba ang priority ko. At least you have more time for Ska while you are in that ‘mode’. Bakit late na siya matulog? When my kids were younger ganyan din sila late sleeper kapag hindi mo tinabihan sa pagtulog.

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