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Potty Training Update #3

  • Sumo

For three days now, my daugter had started sleeping during the night without a diaper. And so far, she haven’t peed on our bed yet (thank God!).  The first time she slept without any diaper was just an accident. I fell asleep while I was waiting for her to sleep (bad mommy!). I only realized that I forgot to put her on diaper when we woke up the next morning. Because of this,  I discovered that she no longer peed during her night time  sleep. I tried it again the next day and  to increase the probability that she will not pee on our bed, I let her peed after her last bottle of milk.

Another big improvement on her potty training is that she can defecate on the toilet bowl now without any struggle but of course, we still need hold her while she sits on the bowl. We accompany her to the toilet when she informed us that she will poops or if we notice that she’s already in labor.

And when it comes to peeing, she can already notify us that she needs to pee. Although most of the time, she reach the toilet first before she open her water bag :D, there are 1/10 instances that before she can no longer wait to reach the toilet. This is during her busy days with her own business hehehe…

I can’t proclaim yet that she is 100% potty-trained graduate, but she is almost there. I can already see the finish line 😀 We are almost done with diapers (we still put her on diaper when we go to other places just to make sure )

Hmm… Is this a ringing bell for a second child???


4 thoughts on “Potty Training Update #3

  1. She’s almost there,Mommy!!Way to go!!(^0^)/My Haruka graduated from potty training when she was still 2 and half years old and it really helped us on our budget!She’ll get used to it eventually!!Mabait na bata!!^_^

  2. Naku good news yan dahil malaking kaluwagan sa budget mo mommy. mabuti nga si Ska bata pa pero pagraduate na sa pampers. alam mo ba ‘yung bunso ko inabot ng four or five years old yata bago nakagraduate sa pampers. mind you umabot kami sa pagbili ng large adult diaper, hehe. big boy tapos malaki pa bewang kaya hayun.

    Uy mommy do I sense another bundle of joy coming? Two na ba si Ska? nagkita si Naomi at Khalil two and a half si Naomi eh. 🙂

  3. Haha.. i like the humor you included in the post and of course good mommy won over bad mommy, because eventually your little angel has began to reach the finish line soon.. you must reward her for letting you win though.. it was your effort but her ability.. hehe..

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