Immunization Day

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Exactly one week ago, my second daughter had her first dosage of Pentavalent Vaccine and oral Polio vaccine. Both vaccines are given on the 6th week of the infant. The Pentavalent Vaccine is composed of HB, DTP, and HIB.

Unlike with my eldest which had her Pentavalent vaccine in a private clinic, my second daughter had it in our Baranggay Health Center.  If I remember it right, the penta vaccine is around Php 2500 more than 4 years ago. But with my second daughter, I was only asked for Php 10 pesos :). I was able to save some money. Yay!!!

I was impressed with the attitudes of the Health Center workers here in Poblacion Panglao. They remained friendly despite the volume of children who were there for immunization. They were all smiling. It was so hot because the schedule started at 1 pm but the heat never caused them to be ill-tempered. I didn’t hear them scold anyone. This was one reason why I didn’t bring my eldest to the Health Center for vaccine when we were still in Quezon City. I heard from other moms that the Health Center workers scold those mothers who never had a prenatal in the Health Center and then bring their babies there for vaccination. I never had a prenatal in the health center  and I don’t want to be scolded :D. Another reason was the long line. According to other mommies you have to be there very early to get a number because there were so many patients. I am not an early-riser so I could not be there so early and I could not also afford to wait for long queue because I still have to work.

There were also many children last Thursday. We were the 33rd patient and the vaccination hasn’t started yet when we arrived. They conducted a family planning seminar before the immunization. Though there were many patients, we didn’t wait that long for our turn when the actual vaccination started because there were 7 nurses who attended to the children. They were also Health Center volunteers who helped in other tasks like getting the weight and temperature of the children.

I seldom get a good service from a public  institution. And I am glad that I had one here in Bohol.

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