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Inevitable Changes

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Our decision to live with my parents for a while comes with adjustments and changes. There are some which are favorable for me with but there are also few that I just need to embrace while we are yet living here in Bulacan. Anyway, our stay here will not be that long and these changes are just a preparation for more and significant changes.

One of the benefits that I will surely love is the absence of the monthly rental. I don’t need to pay the monthly rental at least for a couple of months. Second most important benefit is the presence of my mother. Since mother is around I have an instant cook, laundry woman and baby sitter to my hyperactive daughter. Meaning, I have another hand to help me with some chores. My mother’s presence will also allow me do errands without dragging my daughter with me. Another benefit (if I may call it benefit) is the consolidation of household bills like water and electricity. Before I need to pay my parents’ household bills and our own bills, now I only need to pay one household bills :).

Sadly, there are changes that I have to accept for now and adjust accordingly. The most significant disadvantage of relocating to Bulacan is the proximity of our local church. We are hours away from our beloved church. Since my husband will be away for a month and I could not transport my daughter from Bulacan to Quezon City alone, we have no choice but to attend our worship services in a nearer Baptist church. Good thing, we have a mission work in Gaya-gaya, San Jose Del Monte, relatively nearer than our church in Quezon City. For the midweek services, I adjusted the days I report to the office so I can attend the midweek service in our church in Project 8. So instead of Monday (and/or Friday), I will be reporting to the office every Wednesday. I will go directly to the church before I headed home.

Changes are inevitable. In this life, it is impossible that we don’t encounter changes at least once. But whether it is favorable to us or not, we should be able to adjust gracefully and embrace these changes. Most importantly, we must ensure that our decision is inside the perfect will of God for our lives. If this is so, we need not to worry because God’s provision and guidance is with us 🙂

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