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As I mentioned in my previous post, our stay here in Bulacan is just temporary. Lord willing, we will be off to a farther place early next year, to a place where God called us to minister in His vineyard. Although that will also be just temporary, our stay there will be longer. The details of that plan can be on another post.

Going back, since our stay here is just for a while, most of our belongings remained in the box. They are stored in our neighbor’s vacant unit with the other appliances. We only brought out those that we need. So when we moved-out again, it will no longer be hard to pack again. Aside from that, the place here in Bulacan is so small. It could not accommodate all our things. I can’t even give in to my daughter’s request to install the a/c because it will entail construction and re-cabling of the electric wires. Although it would be nice to have an A/C to act as dehumidifier, my daughter also needs to bear with us for the mean time. Good thing, the weather is not so humid nowadays and she can sleep without the a/c.

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