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Jewelries And Accessories

  • Sumo

It has been quite long since I last bought a jewelry. This is an evidence that  I’m not keen with jewelries. But whenever I see displays and photos, I feel like buying one but when the will – I – ever – have – the – chance – to – wear – it thought comes into my mind, I usually just walk away empty handed.

My eldest daughter is different. She’s fond of accessories and jewelries. She loves to wear bracelets and necklaces. She even borrowed my jewelries which are just kept in a box. But I’m afraid to lend them because she is still careless with her belongings. I just buy her inexpensive fancy accessories. I’m quite sure that if she seen the Reeds Pandora jewelry, her question will be “How much is it?” And the next question will be “Is that expensive?” Of course I also know my answer. It will “Yes! It is expensive.” ^__^



14 thoughts on “Jewelries And Accessories

  1. Accessorizing will transform a simple look to a more sophisticated and elegant one. Apparently, I’m fine with these two pieces of jewelry: watch and earrings.

  2. I love genuine jewelry… just fortunate these days to have met a jeweler who isn’t expensivc at all…so now I get to buy even if don’t have any intention to!

  3. Oh the last time I bought jewelries and accessories was before we got married. I used to love wearing bracelet, necklace, etc, but now that I am a mom I seldom wear them except for our wedding ring, earrings and a watch. Being a mom who’s always on the go, I always forgot wearing those. In fact they are all just kept in a box hoping that when we’ll have baby girl, she can wear them. Hehe..

  4. I guess that’s one of the advantages of having a daughter for a child, you get to share girly stuffs together. 🙂

    I am not also very fond of wearing jewelry now. I used to wear fancy bracelets and bangles but not anymore. I just kept it for now since my toddler son always wants to grab anything that he sees. Haha!

  5. I was never really fond of jewelry and accessories myself. Since I have a son, I have no one to share them with anyway. But I must agree, Pandora pieces are so pretty!

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