Lack of Enough Sleep May Lead To Obesity

  • Sumo

When taking any Appetite suppressant diet pills, extra caution must be observed. Appetite suppressant deceives our body through the hypothalamus by making our body believes that we are still full, thus we don’t feel hungry. Since the person taking this supplement does not feel hungry, there is no urge to eat which may lead to malnourishment.

Instead of taking artificial appetite suppressants why not just get enough sleep every night? I learned recently that people who has insufficient amount of sleep every night has greater chance to become over weight. Lack of enough night sleep makes a person either crave more, particularly for food with high sugar or lose his/her appetite. This is the reason why most people who work on graveyard shifts are either underweight or overweight.

There are also natural appetite suppressants like apple, flax seeds, coffee, water and more. These are more healthy and safe alternative.


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