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Laptop Crashed

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Have I shared with you that my laptop crashed weeks ago and until now the technician in the service center could not identify what’s wrong with it?  I really felt sad when it could no longer be started. The technician thought that it was a hard disk problem because when he tried to replace the hard and reformat it, the laptop started. So I bought a new hard disk. But even the hard disk was replaced with a new one, the problem still occurred.

Now, I am back to my old core 2 duo 2GB desktop. Its hard disk is almost full and it is already very slow but I’m thankful that I can still use it to do my daytime tasks. I wonder if a hard drive cleaner could help me free up some more space.

We don’t have enough funds for a new machine yet. I should have prepared for this event. I should have save some money whenever I received my pay so I could immediately buy a new one when my laptop retired. But I didn’t. Until now, I could not still spare some portion of my income for a new laptop because my income is just enough to put food on our table for another month. I am praying for additional source of income to meet the other needs of my family and that includes a replacement of my laptop which I used for my work.

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3 thoughts on “Laptop Crashed

  1. I have experienced naman PC crashed and hindi na narecover ang laman ng hard disk drive ko. Thank God meron ako na nasave na ibang data pero not all the updated files. It’s good to have external hard disk drive to back up the PC files. Hope your laptop can still be fixed. If not, baka there’s a better one coming 🙂

    1. It is not yet fixed Ms. Marie and I’m really sad na mukhang hindi na sya maayos. This isn’t the right timing but I trust that God has a purpose bakit sya nasira. Aside from my work, I also use my laptop for our church’s projector. Kaya pati church walang projector since nasira ung laptop 🙁

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