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Fun-Filled Afternoon for the Church Kids

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Note: This is a long-due post.

Last Month, February 10, 2013 to be exact, the children in our church had a very rare kind of activity and fun.

Two weeks prior, a certain Monica communicated with me via email regarding her and her friend’s plan of visiting Panglao. She informed me that they were planning to do some games for kids in a school or hospital and bringing some stationary or supplies. She thought of contacting me because of the Back-To-School Project last year, 2012. Below is her email to me.

3-13-2013 1-36-38 PM

I was delighted to know that there were some people who would want to make other people happy during their vacation trip. It was actually my first experience to know that such people exist. I asked Hubby if it was fine to volunteer the children in the church and I also asked Monica if it was okay to hold the activity in the church. Both agreed so I started to gather 25 kids for the said event.

The activity pursued last February 10, 2013. Monica’s group was composed of 5 people, Oscar (later on, I found out through Google researched that Oscar is the CEO of DaD-Asia), Natalia, Eduardo, Patrick and of course Monica. We held the games after the afternoon Sunday Worship Service. Since they prefer to do it outside the church so the kids could run, we held it on the vacant lot in front of the church.

It was a lovely day! Monica’s group facilitated five or more games. They only stopped when it was almost dark.  The kids truly had a fun-filled afternoon. The language barrier didn’t hinder Monica’s group and the children to enjoy each game. Even us, the spectators, had a great time just watching them. Below is a glimpse of what had happened that day.

 fun-filled afternoon

After the games, Monica’s group distributed a set of school supply ( a notebook, color pencil, sharpener, glue, scissors and pouch) to each kid. But I believe the kids would cherish the experience more than the school supplies. It was not everyday that they had a chance to play with foreigners including a CEO in particular 😉

My sincere gratitude to Monica’s group for such a wonderful afternoon.

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