Less Container Load vs. Full Container Load

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I am glad that we chose the Less Container Load (LCL) service of Negros Navigation to ship our bulky belongings. This is the most reasonable and practical means to ship our stuff. Our first choice was the Full Container Load (FCL). But when I called Negros Navigations’ Cargo Hotline and inquired about the fee, I learned that a 10-feet container van cost almost 19K. It was too expensive for us. So I inquired for an alternative. They recommend the LCL.

With LCL, I don’t need to pay for the entire container van but only for the space which our baggage occupied. The charge of the baggage is per cubic meter. Each cubic meter costs 1.3K+ (the charge varies depending on the destination) for Tagbilaran, Bohol. The checker measured our baggage in block – we were asked to pile the boxes in such a way that there was no space in between.

In terms of packages, any legal package can be accommodated in LCL, even home audio speakers or bulk appliances like refrigerators and air condition units – just like FCL. But of course, you should also consider the risks when you have sensitive appliances like LCDs. With FCL, your belongings will only be the content of the entire container van. In LCL, you will be sharing the container with other customer’s belongings.

The disadvantage I see with LCL is in the releasing. Since, the container van is shared by different customers, if your belongings happened to be in the middle, you need to wait for the owners of the packages near the opening to get their stuff before you can get yours. Another disadvantage is if there is space on top of your belongings inside the container. Other customers may use this space for their belongings. So it is recommended that the fragile stuff should be placed on the top to avoid breakage.

I hope this helps those who are also planning to relocate to provinces with belongings need to be shipped.

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