Relocating Is Tiresome

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All our bags are packed, we are ready to go. Yes! We are almost ready to go. Just this day, we finished checking-in our belongings to Negros Navigation for shipping on Wednesday. My husband and I, with four pairs of helping hands from our church, delivered our baggage to Express Center for loose cargo shipment. Our pastor allowed us to use the church vehicle to transport our stuff. But since the vehicle is just an L300 and we have bulky appliances and boxes to transport, we have to make two trips. Good thing, not all classes started today so the traffic was not that congested. By 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we were already done.

I am thankful that God provided us people who helped us lifting our belongings to and from the vehicle. My husband and I could not do it alone. I am also thankful that our pastor allowed us to use our church’s vehicle. If he didn’t allow us, we will have no choice but to avail a trucking service which is more expensive. The cheapest service which that my husband inquired was around 4,500 pesos. Add that amount to the shipping fee which is also 4K+ is already quite a big amount. I might need to avail payday advances to cover the expenses. But that would be also impossible because I have no more full-time job hence I have no more fix monthly which I can use as collateral. Thanks be to God because He perfectly knows our situation and He is so faithful to provide us our need. I am also thankful that the guard and checker of Negros Navigation Express Center Receiving Station were kind and accommodating.

Relocating is tiresome and expensive but because of God’s favor and help, it becomes less tiresome and less expensive. Isn’t that wonderful?

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7 thoughts on “Relocating Is Tiresome

  1. so you’re really here now! welcome to Bohol! i hope you’re enjoying your stay so far. umuulan pa rin, minsan naman hindi. when did you arrive?

    1. We arrived last Thursday. Ok naman hindi pa ako nakaka alis masyado, dami pa ligpitin plus nagresume na ako sa project ko. As in dami pang kalat sa bahay hehehe… Hindi rin ako gaanong makapagpost kasi busy talaga. Iniisip ko nga kelan ako makakapanahon ayusin ung bahay eh.

  2. wow! you are so ready to go! i hope we can get to meet and see each other when you’re here. i notice too that you’re a member of a church, do you have a church here too? i too, have been looking for a church where i can really grow.

    1. I hope so pero hindi pa siguro ngayon, sobrang busy pa ang lola mo hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€
      I belong to a Bible Baptist Church. My husband is the assistant pastor here in Panglao Bible Baptist Church. Dalaw ka minsan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. hi mommy mylene! so you’re all ready to go! it’s really tiresome to relocate. just like my mom, when we had her relocated here to Bohol from Cebu, all her stuff, we also had it shipped. and you’re right, my mom’s stuff were all placed at the end of the cargo deck, so we had to wait for a long time… anyway, i hope to get to meet you and see you when you and your family will be here! it’s been raining here for the past three days. i hope that when you arrive, the weather will be fine. God bless on your trip.

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