Linksys E1500 Wireless-N router with SpeedBoost

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Since I didn’t win in any of the Cisco Linksys giveaway contests hosted by several mommy bloggers last October, I planned to buy one. But I really wished that I just won one so I don’t need to wait for months to have the router.

It was only last week that I was able to complete saving for the amount I needed to buy the router. Together with hubby, we visited our favorite computer store in Tagbilaran, the Thinking Tools.  Thinking Tools usually offers the cheapest price for electronic devices.  This is also where we bought the replacement for my pc’s motherboard.

Hubby and I were inquiring the technical sales clerk about the specs of the routers we were contemplating to buy {we were comparing two brands} when a foreigner intervene. He was looking for ipod docks. When the clerk told him that the store don’t have such, he continued to demonstrate the item he was looking for thinking that the clerk just didn’t understand him. I assumed that the foreigner is a European based on his accent and the way he spoke in English. So the clerk told him again that they don’t have the item and referred him to the other store.

When the foreigner left, the clerk continued answering our questions. After the comparing, we decided to buy the Linksys E1500 Wireless-N router with SpeedBoost. It is cheaper than the other brand with almost the same specs – number of ports, speed & bandwidth. We got it for Php 2600 only.

Linksys E1500 Wireless-N router with SpeedBoost is very applicable for home use. It can easily be setup. Even a non-networking techie like me can easily follow the steps in setting-up the router.  The access of the children can also be controlled through Parental Controls.  Guests’ access can be limit through Guest Access. Advance setting is available for those who are knowledgeable with networking.

So now, when I still have to do some stuff at night, I don’t need to be tied up on my wire connection and be left alone downstairs. I can now work in our room upstairs. I also don’t need to stop working when my daughter is requesting to use the internet for her online games.

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