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If there is one thing that I should be happy and thankful that my daughter didn’t inherit from me, it is my singing ability. I am deaf tone. I could not hear and copy tones properly. But the irony of it, I love singing.

One of God’s blessings to my daughter is her hearing. She can hear tones properly and she can easily imitate the tune of a song. If hearing is hereditary, she probably inherits it from my husband. But at her age, the challenge is the lyrics. She can hear and imitate the tune but not the words properly. Most of the time, she replaced the words with other sound-like words.

She is not also a shy-type girl. Often times, she is the one volunteering to render a song offering in our church. But we always tell her that she needs to practice more to master the lyrics. Sometimes, I ask an older child to go on duet with her to be her guide with the lyrics. The problem is, we only have mic at the church and my daughter wants to hold the mic. I really wish we have the budget to buy her own mic. But for now, we bought her a toy organ with a toy mic for her to practice ^___^.

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1 thought on “Good Hearing

  1. wow…your daugher has a singing prowess pala…encourage her more para madevelop ang competence, when i was a kid…my mom done that to me, sabi nila maganda raw boses ko hahaha napapakinabangan ang boses ko sa mga program sa rally hahaha

    you are right PNoy has no program, he is just continuing GMA’s program

    salamat po ng marami sa pagbisita sa blog ko

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