Little Biker

  • Sumo

My daughter was given a bike before we went back here in Bohol. The bike was not new and has a little damage {loosed chain, flat tires and loosed balancer} but Hubby confirmed that the defects could easily be fixed. So we brought it all the way here in Bohol. It was a violet Princess Bike and daughter loved its color. Daughter was so excited to ride on her hand me down bike so ever since we arrived, she ceased not bugging her Dad to fix her bike. As an obedient Dad {LOL}, hubby took the time to fix the bike.

Daughter was so happy when the bike was fixed. She was so excited to learn how to ride on a bike so she learned to pedal and maneuver the bike in just couple of hours {it was her first time to play with a bike}. Since then, she’s unstoppable to play with the bike. I used her desire to play with the bike as motivation for her to finish her goals {finished goals mean no homework} in school. I told her that her time to bike is less when she has tons of works from school. She agreed that she can’t play with the bike with unfinished assignments.

So now even inside the house she practiced biking{advantage of no furniture :D}. It is also a good exercise to develop her locomotors skill as she easily gets stumbled. Soon, we will adjust the balancers little by little so she will learn how to bike without them.

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