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I promised my daughter that I would buy her a pair of new sunglasses when we visit Manila so she has something to protect her eyes whenever we travel by motorbike. So when we had the time, we dropped by to SM North Edsa to buy her the promised sunglasses and her much begged pair of sandals. I brought her first to the Children’s Shoes section. I let her chose the sandals she liked. When we reached the Dora shoes’ section, she get a display shoe and gave it to me {my daughter has a penchant for Dora items}. We tried it on her and it fitted her perfectly. I also liked the design because it was not a replica of adult shoes with too high heels. The design was really for kids. I agreed to buy it first because of the design and second because of the quality {though it was a bit pricey for me}. Her Dora school shoes are still okay after more than a year of being used everyday.

After buying the sandals, we headed to the Children’s Accessories section. I also let her chose the pair of sunglasses she liked. She chose the one with lavender color – her favorite color. I was tempted to buy one for myself when we passed by the Ladies Accessories section where the Spy Sunglasses are located. But my pocket could not afford it 😀

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