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Little Helper

  • Sumo

My five-year old daughter is interested to help in household chores, particular in washing the dishes after meals. But I could not fully trust her ability to grip the dishes and clean them thoroughly. I am also afraid that she gets wounded when she accidentally broke a plate or glass. Beside our sink is a bit high for her and it is not quite friendly because it was constructed using tiles.  So now, she is only allowed to wash the utensils. There is no chance that she gets wounded when she suddenly drop them.

I wonder why the developer of this house used tiles for the sink. Is it because of the budget? Are all kitchen sinks expensive? If God permits, I want to replace the tiles with real sink so I can let my daughter help in dish washing without worrying that she might get hurt when she accidentally touch the broken tiles.

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7 thoughts on “Little Helper

  1. Wow, how nice! In a few years she will be trying to worm her way out of doing chores, hehe. Kaya sulitin habang interesado. joke! 🙂

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