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Today’d theme for Mommy Moments is about Cars and Kids.

This is my daughter’s official car errr bike! Ever since we bought this bike a year ago, it has been her service when we go to church or any nearby place. My daughter is not fond of walking, in other words, she’s lazy! She always want to be carried. This was also the reason why we bought this bike, for convenience. But this bike already retire. I will tell the story on another post.


She’s about to attend a wedding in our church

So where is the car? You are impatient, lol! We don’t have a car, yet LOL. But I don’t see it as lack on our part. Although, I must be honest that having a car gives so much convenience. We already prayed for it and I believe God has prepared it. He is just waiting for the perfect time to give it to us. But while waiting for God’s answer to our prayer, He sent a part time car. What I mean is, He gave us a friend who shares her car with Ezka.  Since the time  my daughter started attending church, ten days after she was born, her Ninang Myra almost always takes her home. Daughter gets too familiar with her Ninang’s car to the extent that my she will leave us – me and my husband – just be able to get a ride on that car.


She’s trying to open the door. This is right after the midweek service.

My daughter feels at home on her Ninang Myra’s car. Every after worship service, her poor Ninang Myra is obliged to take her home. During the times that her Ninang can’t bring her home, she would cry hysterically as if  the car is carnapped. That’s how my daughter love this car.  This also the car we used as bridal car when my husband and I get married.



I really took time last Wednesday to take  my daughter’s pictures on her Ninang’s car for two reasons. First, for Mommy Moment entry and second, as souvenir. Sooner or later,  her Ninang Myra might sell the car and get a new one. At least I have something to share with her when she grows up.

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25 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Cars And Kids

  1. maybe Ninang would think of selling the car to you at an affordable price 😀 anyway, your little one looks all grown up now ha! 🙂 and thanks for taking the time to capture these pictures for Mommy Moments 😀

  2. Thanks for dropping by my snow man experience! Liked your MM, your daughter is so cute. It’s God time, you will have your own service. 🙂

  3. Having a car has its pros and cons. With the price hike of gasoline these days, we seldom use ours anymore. We only use it once a week for groceries or Una’s monthly checkup. But I must say, it’s way convenient travelling by car. Maybe you can offer a price to your kumare, baka pwedeng hulugan. 😀

  4. Magiging motivation and inspiration nya yan paglaki to have her own wheels mommy.

    Our kids and the car

  5. Oo nga, since your daughter already loves the car. Having a car has both pros and cons, but you will know the right time to get one 🙂

    1. Totoo po yan. Kasama din dapat ang sasakyan sa budget 😉 Probably this is the reason why God has not given us a car yet. Nakikita nya ang financial status namin 😉 But for sure when God will give us a car He will provide everything that goes along of having it 😉

      Thanks for the visit girl 🙂

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