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My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

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My daughter turned three last Saturday. I had to take a day off from work last Friday to attend to her requests. Supposedly, I would like to reserve for a Birthday Girl cake from Red Ribbon. Unfortunately, they don’t accept a day reservation for that cake. But in their site, the lead time indicated for that cake is only one day. So we settled for a Cookies and Cream and we just requested them to add a birthday greeting. I requested someone to pickup the cake for me the next day. To my dismay, there was no candle :(. The one who picked it up thought that the candles were inside. Because this was one of my daughter’s request, I requested a friend to look for candles in the nearby stores and bakery and good thing she was able to find one. My daughter was so happy when she blew the candle light after the birthday song.

I also reserved balloons for her. Only ten pieces of assorted colors just to make her happy. And when she saw the balloons, she was really delighted. She does not even want the balloons to be scattered. She happy just holding them. But of course, we need to place them else where because she’ll get tired holding them for hours. For the party hats, we use the party hats left during her 1st birthday.Yes, the party hats are kept in the storage for two years.

By God’s grace, I was able to grant my daughter’s requests on her 3rd birthday. Though we don’t have so many foods, all who came to greet my daughter left satisfied. And that’s enough for me. We didn’t invited many people but we prepared for those who would remember my daughter’s special day.

Lastly, I thanked the Lord for the giving me a wonderful daughter and for helping me taking care of her. I cannot do it by myself. For I know that I am weak and I easily gives up. But God is good because when He gave me a daughter, He also enable me to take care of her. And I also prayed that He prepare my daughter’s life to be in great use for His ministry in the future.

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