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My Daughter’s Prayer

  • Sumo

When we got home last Saturday from Divisoria, my daughter was taking her nap. I parked her new bag beside the door of our room, just enough for her to see part of it even if she was lying down on the bed. As expected, she excitedly got up from bed as soon as she saw the bag. She checked the bag and asked me if it was for her. She was delighted. I handed her the umbrella and she was so happy. Then she paused for a while and asked me about her princess bike. I answered her that she just continue praying for it. I told her that she should pray to God to bless Mommy and Daddy so we can buy her a bike. She also asked me where were the bag and umbrella came from. I told her I bought them from Divisoria. So when the helper of the landlady asked the same question to her few minutes later, she answered Soria. And when she was asked about her bike, she answered, “Pray pa”.

She’s been praying for four things; Princess Bike, Boots, Dora Umbrella and Princess Trolley Bag. She started praying for those things when she asked me to buy them for her. I told her to pray for it. When she prayed, instead of asking God, I usually heard her thanking God. Every Sunday, during the invitation, she would kneel on the stairs of the church altar for a while. After that, she would whisper to me that she’s done praying.

When her request had been granted, I asked her to thank God because those things were from the Lord. She immediately obeyed me and also thank God the remaining requests. I want to instill in her mind that everything comes from the Lord and He should be given the sincerest thanks.


5 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Prayer

  1. Teaching our child to “pray from the heart” is one of the things that we should teach our children early on in their lives.

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  2. ahh ang sweet nmn ng princess mo….kakatuwa nmn. you know what, simula umalis si hubby to Us, dinadala ko n s sunday school kids ehhehe sa CCF ortigas….my kids knows how to pray n dn..kaso wala silang specific prayer pag humihiling…basta sabi lng nila sana po bigyan nyo po ako ng toys, and foods…ehhehe pero pag nag te tnk u lahat ng bago sa paningin nila pinagpapaslamat, pati curtain n binili ko ahahhanapansin kakatuwa ano? kaso minsan tinatamad sila pag pray b4 going to bed =( kasi sabay sabay kme 3 pray e. minsan sasabihin ng panganay ko,,,momi kaw nlng mag pray makikinig nlng ako =( nweis sana sooner or later, d ko n sila kelangan sabihan, =)

    1. Magkukusa rin yan. Dati si Ska kailangan paalalahanan pa na manalangin bago kumain, ngayon maririnig mo na lang na nanalangin na ๐Ÿ™‚

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