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My Dreamed Leisure Activity

  • Sumo

I love to visit and see beautiful places, first here in Philippines then in other countries. This is one activity that I love to do but I don’t have the opportunity, time and budget especially now that I am already a wife and a mother to two adorable daughters. Unlike when I was still single, I could save some money to finance at least a trip in a year. But now, my monthly income is just enough to meet both ends.

The seat sales offered by different local airlines do not help as well to satisfy my desire  because even if the airfare is discounted,  an entire trip will still be costly. Of course, I cannot and will not travel and enjoy alone and leave my family behind. I will always go with the gang 🙂

So this kind of leisure is not feasible at the moment. For now, I am contented viewing the photos of beautiful places posted on FB. Anyway, most of the photos were taken using dslr cameras which make the places on the photos look like real.

I hope in time, I can engage to this leisure activity with my family. How about you? What leisure activity you want to do?

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