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My eldest daughter loves to pretend to be someone else. Sometimes she would pretend that she is a vendor and would line up her vegetable and fruit toys to look like a veggie and fruit stand. Sometimes she would put two chairs on a back-to-back position with a little space in between and put a blanket on the chairs forming a tent. For her, that is her cedar cottage playhouse. Sometimes, she would put all her blocks on a big box stir them using a stick thinking that she is a cook. There was a time that she pressed the pointed part of a ball pen on the upper part of my arm because she was pretending to be a physician performing an injection.

My daughter didn’t stop there. She imitates so many people. Sometimes she is a driver, a guard and a teacher.  And sometimes her imagination results to a real mess inside the house but it is fine with me if it will help her develop her creativity and resourcefulness.

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