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When my daughter and husband returned from Jollibee last night, there were already couples sitting beside me. When they noticed my daughter, the woman asked my daughter’s age. I told her that she’s almost three. My daughter will turn three this coming may. She asked me my daughter’s milk. Enfagrow, I answered. I added that my daughter was breast fed until ten months. She told me that her daughter is drinking the same milk. She commented that it is good that my daughter’s teeth are still complete and are still in good shape. Because her daughter’s were already damaged. This caused why her daughter stopped drinking her milk from the bottle. They only pour the milk on her daughter’s mouth so her daughter can drink her milk. Her daughter’s damaged teeth is also the reason why daughter’s the consumption of milk tremendously decreased.

She shared with me that her daughter’s teeth started coming out when she was already pass one. Her daughter is only 2 years and 3 month old and all the teeth are already damaged. She added that before, her daughter loves to drink milk. But the problem is, even when her daughter is already sleeping, her bottle is still inside her mouth. She added that is probably the reason why her daughter’s teeth were damaged. Her daughter is also exposed to sweets early which added to the culprit.


Well, I am happy that my daughter’s teeth are still ok. Even the dentist confirms that. I just hope that it will still be the same until she grows up.

Does you child  has a nice teeth too?

4 thoughts on “Nice Teeth

  1. Nice smile! I think there’s nothing wrong with the milk, you’re right about the culprit. I really don’t like giving sweets to Una, I think she’s just too young for that. Unfortunately, her other bantay would give her some lollys whenever I turn my back on them. Grrr. Hindi lang ngipin yung pinauusapan dito eh, but fear of being diabetic at a young age. We have a medical history that’s why I’m being extra cautious.

    By the way, ilang taon mo siya in-introduce to brushing her teeth? Parang I want to start everything early with Una because of her stubbornness. So far, aligned yung ngipin niya pero we still have to wait for her permanent teeth to see how it goes. Mine are sungki kaya I really hope na hindi nagmana sakin. lol!

    1. Uy dapat nga mejo cautious ka kung me history kayo ng diabetes. Mas mabuti ng maingat. Inform the other bantay about it so she won’t give lollipops to Una 🙂

      I introduced toothbrush when she had 8 teeth already, 4 sa baba tas 4 din sa taas. Pero I use non-flouride toothpaste. Before that, I use gauze cloth to clean her teeth and tongue.

      Mejo I am afraid nga pagtubo ng permanent teeth since my daughter is a thumbsucker. I read on baby sites that sucking can damaged the gums. So pag tubo ng teeth portrude na 🙁

      Kahit sungki pag tubo, pede pa alalayan, just let the child push the sungki teeth by her tongue. Un ang sabi ha hehehe…

  2. She really has nice teeth! I can’t say the same for my son; four of his molars need to be fixed, but he’s afraid of the dentist, so I really don’t know what to do. He’s turning four already in July. I just make sure to brush his teeth after each meal.

    1. Normal ata sa bata ang takot sa dentist 🙁 I also don’t know how to deal with that. The dentist told me that 1.5 year old child can already have dental cleaning. But i can’t imagine how can they contain a child on that chair without fussing

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