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SmartBro Wireless Center Visit

  • Sumo

We were able to visit a SmartBro Wireless center yesterday. As usual, there were many customers waiting for their turn. There were nineteen customers who needed to be attended before our turn. My number is 2130 and the customer currently served was number 2119. I anticipated that the waiting time will be at least one hour. Since my daughter was expecting us to treat her to Jollibee, I asked my husband to bring her there while I was waiting for my turn. It was a snail progress that when they returned, only two customers were served.

Finally, my number was called. The customer service representative politely greeted me. Then inquire of my concerns. I told her that I learned that I am qualified for a freebie and that I prefer the 3-in-1 printer. She told me that the freebies were given for renewing customers and a 24-month retention contract must be duly filled-in and signed. I have no problem with that since I am pretty sure that I won’t change an internet provider in the coming months. I might get a redundant connection but not a replacement. But I regretted that it was only yesterday that I applied. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for 34 months already. The 10 months will not be included in the retention contract. The count for the 24 months only started yesterday.

Since the freebie I chose was not available in their center, they still need to order from their warehouse. She will call me when the unit is ready for pick-up. It will take at most two weeks before they get the unit.

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