I Thank God For The Protection

  • Sumo

I truly  God for His protection. We were supposedly to be  dead by now because of what happened yesterday.  God kept us safe from that irresponsible cab driver probably because He still wants us to do great things for His glory. His purpose in our lives is not yet served.

I want to be as rational as I can. I tried to put myself on the driver’s shoes. But however I think of it, I cannot find a valid reason why he would intentionally hit us. It is impossible that he didn’t see us because even before he appeared on the road, we were already standing on our place. Second, it was not yet dark. Third, my daughter was on my husband shoulder which made them very visible.

I can’t imagine what might happen if the car in our front didn’t made a quick shift to the right and the cab driver didn’t went back to his lane, or we panicked and went back to the island. There were several reasons why the cab driver should slow down. First, he definitely saw us crossing. He should have at least some considerations because we are humans. Second, he was approaching an intersection. I am not a driver but using a common sense, isn’t it should be that way?

I will always remember this incident and God’s goodness to us. I will leave unto the Lord whatever should be done on that driver. I am confident that God’s way is way better than if we made our own actions.


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